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May 9, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Spectrum Blaster & 4 Packs

The packs were fun, I bought 4 single retail packs in Target and got 2 Yankee Stadium Legacy cards, which I only remember as 2241 and someone else. I put them in my Beckett checklist and they are already away. I also got DJ-23, Derek Jeter Retrospectrum card. So overall, not bad 3-4.

The blaster was a snooze, as are most blasters that have only 7 packs and 4 cards per pack. It took the usual 4 minutes to break open. I got 2 Yankee Stadium Legacy cards, 5384 - Leyritz, and 5409 - Williams. One Jeter Retrospectrum DJ-36, and the GU Jersey card was Coco Crisp Retrospectrum Swatches (useless waste of a card).

By the way, all these Spectrum blasters, and packs and I still do not have a Pujols. Bastards.

On a different topic, I did get my 2008 Co-Signers hobby boxes in the mail. I opened 4 packs so far... I am opening slowly since I have put myself on a budget to not spend so much money right now. I will probably post the first break in the next few days. Stay tuned....

Anyone out there??? Drop me a line, or a comment let me know what you think of the new Co-signers, and if you have anything you want to trade for. I'm going out on a limb by saying I'll need Pujols since I never get him.

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