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May 31, 2008

Random Thoughts for Today

I will be eventually posting a blog about the Co-Signers, but I was so disappointed in yet another Topps product that I have no motivation to even brag about nothing really. I did send away for my redemption cards, and I am honestly hoping they replace what I got with some other guys because what I got sucked.

On another note, thank you to my friend Vinny who grabbed me 3 packs of Yankee Stadium Legacy cards from Yankee Stadium when they were giving them away. I traded my ticket for baseball cards and it was well worth it. 3 packs of cards, which were ALL different, and better yet, all free. I got a great assortment including Wade Boggs, who is one of my all time favorites despite the fact that he was a Red Sox for all those years.

Another thank you to MPStar for hooking me up with a ton of YSL cards as well, all of the cards still need to be logged in.

P.S. UD Series 2 blasters as well as Bowman 2008 blasters are now in Target. I busted one UD Series 2 so far, and have another as well as 2 Bowman to break. Stay tuned because the blaster of UD2 was more exciting than the Co-Signers.

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