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April 21, 2008

My Kapler Problem

Everyone has different reasons for collecting certain players. They were your childhood hero or you loved the way they pitch. Perhaps the guy is from your hometown or went to your college. I collect Jeter because I was 16 when the Yankees beat the Braves in 1996 and he became my baseball God.

I collect Kevin Kouzmanoff because he is from Macedonia (or Serbia depending on who you ask) and my family is from that area of the world and I felt a little tie to him because of it.

Gabe Kapler - there is really no good reason to collect his cards other than the fact that I think he is hot. When I had season tickets to the Yankees in Section 39, I used to scream to him like a retard because I thought he was awesome. Well, awesome looking.

My Kapler card collection is up to 70 cards and he is on the bench of my fantasy baseball team, the real fantasy baseball team.

Obviously, I have issues and just thought I would share since I added a ton of cards to my collection today.

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