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February 25, 2015

New PC additions and a CONTEST!

This is my favorite kind of post.  I get to show off my new loot and potentially give stuff away, well that's if you actually want the prize.  If you build sets, you will want the prize.  First, LOOT!!!

2011-12 SP Game Used Extra Significance /25 - Ryan McDonagh and Mats Zuuuuuuuuucarello

2011-12 Panini Titanium Game Worn Gear /25 Ryan McDonagh auto

2010-11 Panini Zenith Ryan McDonagh RC /199 - This card has a sort of funny story.  I saw the card on eBay, saw that it said /199 and assumed it was autographed and I knew mine was /999...  So I made an offer...  He accepted the offer and I got so excited because it was a low offer and thought I was stealing a card.  I go to pay for the card and see that it is not autographed.  Yeah, I'm dumb.  So this card cost more in shipping from Canada than the card cost.  Lesson learned.

CONTEST:  Here is the deal.  I updated my want list for my McDonagh collection...  To win the contest all you have to do is send me 20-25 McDonagh cards that I need.  What do you get?  You will get a flat rate box filled with cards.  You will get a choice of random cards from random sets or you can get bunches of player cards.  Players are random ones that I have separated into 4 row boxes and I just want to get rid of them.

If you are interested awesome!  If you aren't, I totally understand because I would be like the last thing I want is a box of stuff to store here.  Just leave a comment and let me know if you are interested, and we can work out the details privately.  No rush on getting the cards together either.

I am trying to downsize from hundreds of thousands of cards I don't even look at into just the players and teams I collect.  The only two sets I am actually working on are 2009 OPC baseball, and 2014-15 Fleer Ultra Hockey.  (Want list for the Ultra not ready yet.)


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  1. Hello. I'm finally getting around to commenting on this post.

    I cant find your McD wantlist. I don't think I have any but am happy to keep an eye out in my neck of the woods.

    Just let me know.