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June 9, 2014

Retail break: 2014 Topps Series 2 Baseball

Twitter sent me on a hunt for cards today. It was supposed to be football cards as I saw that 2014 Score hit retail early. Instead, I wound up at Target looking at a card aisle with nothing relatively new.

Then I looked behind me and saw several stacked, sealed cardboard boxes. I took a key and ripped the yellow seal to peek inside, and found 2014 Topps Series 2 baseball. The box was filled with rack packs, blasters and hanger packs.

I picked up two blasters and two rack packs for Dan and me to open. But I wanted to show off a few cards before I dig into the blaster fully later on – I’ll probably even scan more cards from the break.

Highlights from the rack pack (the Joe Mauer card pictured above is the commemorative patch that came in the blaster):

I got five inserts/parallels in the rack pack including this 1989 Die-Cut mini of Albert Pujols (you're welcome, Marie).

Jeff Bagwell Breakout Moments insert.

Denard Span Gold parallel.

Sonny Gray The Future is Now insert.

Cody Ross Green Camo parallel (1 in 35 packs).

Crazy-eyed Hunter Pence.

Kelly Johnson was the only Yankee I pulled from all the packs I opened so far

I did open a few packs from the blaster, but not all. That's where the Joe Mauer card above came from. Here are the highlights from the three packs I opened.

Saberstars is Topps giving credit to sabremetrics statistics. On this case, Chris Davis is showing off his WAR of 6.8.

Billy Hamilton The Future is Now insert

I am sure Gordon Beckham can throw it better than that.

Topps still working those Future Stars.

A Mets rookie.

Brian Wilson and his beard.

Chris Carter looking good with the shades.

That catcher does NOT look happy.


  1. That Green is not a Camo parallel. It is a rack pack exclusive green parallel that come one per rack pack. Just FYI.

  2. I just pulled that Biggio Breakout Moments from a Series 2 blaster. I've been looking for the relic version on eBay without success.