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August 28, 2009

Ridiculous Cut Sig on Beckett boards

I happen to come across this when my internet restarted and left me at the main page. I saw the title of the thread and had to see what was in it. Talk about the pull of the century. Holy moley. Read the messages here to hear about it. (For those of you too lazy or that don't care to stop there, he got the redemption card in Walmart...)


  1. I don't know Marie. You, and I both know the odds of pulling a Sweet Spot Historical Cuts redemption from WalMart are close to impossible. I think its 1/237,000 packs.

    Also It takes at least 4 weeks to get a cut shipped.
    Why not take a picture of the card in your hand?

    I could be wrong.


  2. When I read "ridiculous sut sig" I thought it was going to be Carrot Top or something. This is WAY better than that. Really cool card.

    Not that a Carrot Top card wouldn't be nice as well.