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October 4, 2008

We're Bad Bloggers

I know, I know... We hardly update this anymore. Neither of us have really made any great purchases lately, other than going to Target and picking up a couple of packs here and there. I have purchased more retail UD X packs than I care to admit, but what I am pleased with was the ratio of Yankee Stadium Legacy/packs. I got a good number of them, and I managed a Papal Visit card, as well as a Historical Moments one, ohhh and a Babe Ruth. Not bad for $1.99 per pack.

We are waiting on a case of 2008 UD Masterpieces, which should be here this week. I stopped in the local BC Sports, they had only got 2 boxes of those in, and were trying to charge $6.99 per pack. I turned around and left.

Things have been rather slow around here these days. Nothing much going on with buying or selling for that matter. Here's to hoping that a new President makes a difference in that.

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