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October 21, 2008

2008 UD Masterpieces Box 4

The saga continues... Box 4 and no Albert Pujols card. Big surprise, right?

At any rate, I'm not sure how I feel right now about opening any more of these alone. I am mad that I still have no Pujols card, and I feel terrible smashing the rest of these by myself just to try and find one. I also would feel terrible just smashing the rest of the case for the obvious reason of that we are partners on this stuff. Though I am pretty sure Sooz would rather have the money than listen to me deliberate opening vs. not opening.

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Now that I am done complaining and ranting, here are the highlights of box 4:
-Stroke of Genius Kelly Johnson Autograph

-Captured on Canvas Game Used Jersey card of Matt Cain

-Green Bordered Stan Musial serial numbered 47/75

-Red Bordered Ryan Howard

-Black Bordered Felix Hernandez

-Black Bordered Tim Lincecum

-Black Bordered Russell Martin

There were also 4 Yankee Stadium Legacy cards as usual. All of these cards with the exception of the YSL and Russell Martin are for sale in our eBay store.

Just so you all know, most of our prices include the option to make an offer, and we ship up to 20 cards for only $3.00. (Shameless store plug)

Perhaps tomorrow will be another break... or you will all wait about a week for the rest, lol. (I'm not sure which one I am cheering for honestly.)

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