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August 22, 2019

A Gift from a Baseball Fan

A week before the National I was at work and one of our patient's came in for his routine visit.  He was telling one of the other nurses a story about a friend of his who is the only player to ever get a hit for two teams in the same day.  So she tells him, "Oh you should talk to Marie she is a big sports fan and is going to some baseball thing next week."

He begins telling me about his friend, Joel Youngblood who comes up from Arizona I believe to visit him once a year and speak at the senior center.  It is one of the highlights of the patient's year, he loves spending time with him and talking sports.  So he tells me that he is going to bring me something next time he comes in for his appointment, doesn't mention what.  Now as nurses we all have favorite patients and this guy has always been one of mine as he reminds me of my grandfather. War Veteran, little old man, cute as a button and likes telling jokes and talking with everyone.

I get back from the National, patient comes in and says did you get what I left you?  I said I think one of the other nurses has it.  He tell me he brought me a baseball card!  He went on to say, I promised I'd bring you something and I didn't forget.  It was even in a penny sleeve and top loader!

It's nice to be in an environment out of the chaos of the hospital now and able to enjoy getting to know (some) people on a more personal level.  I thought this was a pretty cool story of how I acquired the card and I never had heard of this player before this whole conversation.

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  1. It’s nice when cards are tied to cool stories/memories. Thanks for sharing I hadn’t heard of him either.