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January 9, 2017

Little Sun prospect card highlights Jeter's 1992 offerings

Even though Derek Jeter's rookie season came in 1996, he appeared on trading cards starting in 1992  -- the year he was drafted. He appeared on a few minor league cards and high school prospects cards. I have the base and inserts for some of his cards from 1992. I'm actually seven cards short of the cards I want to own for that year. 

One of my newest Jeter cards is actually one of his oldest cards – 1992 Little Sun High School Prospects #2.

I received the card as part of my anniversary gift from my husband (this is why we are married). While I was going through the cards I owned from 1992 and putting them into the binder, my husband peeked over my shoulder and we talked about the cards. Little did I realize, he was also scouting out which cards I needed. Very sneaky.

The 1992 Little Sun High School Prospects was a 30-card set of top high school baseball players in the country with just 3,000 sets made. There are also an autographed versions of the cards available. The set includes Jeter, but a few other former Major Leaguers including Jason Kendall and Preston Wilson. But it’s safe to say Jeter is the main attraction of the set.

The back of the card contains a blurb and high school statistics. It was neat seeing Jeter’s stats from high school, showing the struck out all of six times in four years. I bet those guys who struck him are still riding that story all these years later.

Little Sun made cards of top high school prospects for a number of years with some quirky designs with 1992 being its last.

Based on some research, it seems Little Sun started its prospect sets in 1989. There designs were, well, very basic and something that anyone with a small of Photoshop skills can put together these days. However, it probably wasn't that easy in the late 1980s.

The 1989 Little Sun High School Prospects 23-card set featured former Atlanta Brave Ryan Klesko. Just 5,000 sets were produced, however, you can pick up a Klesko card for $2.50.

The colorful 1990 Little Sun High School Prospects did a little bit better at finding high school seniors that would one day make it to the Big Leagues. This 24-card set included Mike Lieberthal, Carl Everett, Garrett Anderson and Mike Hampton. Just 6,000 sets were produced, according to

In 1991, Little Sun decided to make this set a thing and included a title card calling it the "third annual." It also expanded its offering making 36 cards of the top high school seniors in the country and 10,000 sets were made. This set included Mike Sweeney, Manny Ramirez, Shawn Estes, Cliff Floyd and Benji Gil.

Little Sun made its last prospect set in 1992 and the company dropped its print run to just 3,000 sets. This one notably includes Derek Jeter's card, which sells for around $100. There are also autographed versions of this card available (which I do not have). This year's set also included Jason Kendall and Preston Wilson.


  1. I don't think I've seen this Jeter. Looks awesome. Congrats!

  2. Sooz , I am going to apparently add another card to your 1992 checklist . There is a proof card for the autographed version . Back in the day they were relatively easy to come by , but i am now only seeing a couple examples a year come to market . If you get a chance , forward me a list of the early cards you are missing and I am sure I can help . Later , John stressreelief #3 Master PSA Jeter Set Registry

    1. Thanks, John. I try looking at the PSA registry to compare my want list to see if there is anything I am missing. I definitely didn't add the auto proof to it. I know there are other cards and variations that I am missing too.

  3. Sooz , Scratch that last response . I see you changed your want list from " I want all of your Jeter cards " to an actual checklist . I have a good amount of these cards in duplication ( more than half ) . I am always open to trading or selling off duplication . Since I grade the better cards in my collection to leave to my two boys , I have alot of cards from your list that are near mint and I am not going to spend the coin to grade . I also have alot of PSA 8s and PSA 9s where i have a better example in my registry . I actually have two extra PSA 9 Topps Spanish cards ( impossible to find ) . For rarity alone you might really consider adding one of these to your collection . Some other rare ones i have extras of , 94 C.C Silver sig white letter , all of the C.C Gold signatures , Clippers Milk Caps , I have a 95 Clippers team issue at PSA for review , a 96 Circa Rave in a PSA 8 holder and some Diamond Destiny Silvers . Here are a few more items you might want to add to your checklist in case one of your readers has some of these you can get your hands on : 1993 Topps Blank Back / 1994 Albany Colonie program perforated / 1995 Clippers Program perforated / 1995 Clippers Nursefinders Magnet ( same size as a card ) / 1995 Greensboro Hornets Stadium Give Away ( Kurt Schilling is also on this / 1995 Star Squad Signature No Auto Proof / both 1996 Stadium Club Silver foil variations ( from the factory cereal box sets , If you ever see them loose you want the red and purple boxes ! ) / 1996 Stratomatic baseball game and I have both variations of the 1996 Zenex Phone Card sheets that were sold at Yankee Stadium during the 96 World Series . Later , John stressreelief - #3 Derek Jeter PSA Master Registry

    1. Can you shoot me an email when you get a chance?

  4. I love those oddball sets that most people have never seen, a wonderful treasure to find.