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November 3, 2011

I'm an eskimo.

I think once you have no power in the cold weather for more than 5 days you are officially a member of some sort of eskimo club. Since the random snowstorm on Oct. 29th we have been without power in my neighborhood. They are supposed to have it back on tonight by 11pm, though yesterday they said it would be back on by noon yesterday....

They estimated that 90% of people would be back on today, and the rest by SUNDAY. There wasn't a single hotel available within about 30 miles of here that took pets so here I am. I can't leave my dog alone for a week and just come back to walk him and feed him, I think it's cruel.

The benefit of having no internet and no power? No eBay. I haven't bought a single thing in almost a week, my wallet is thrilled. I unplugged my tv so I could use my computer off the generator and pay some bills.

I learned not to take electricity for granted after not having power for 5 days during Irene, and this storm taught me to make reservations every time they predict a Nor' Easter this winter.


  1. We just got our power back this afternoon, after it had gone out Saturday night. Hopefully it comes back soon for you, stay warm!

  2. I bet a lot of babies will be born 9 months from now.