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November 28, 2017

#CardChat: A discussion on trading card variations

Every week, I hold a Twitter chat on Mondays at 7 p.m. ET.

We have a new topic on trading cards. This week, we discussed variations on cards. It was a broad topic so it could mean photo variations, printing variations, even color parallels. Here's a look at some of the highlights from this week's #CardChat.


  1. Really enjoyed the #CardChat this week. Thanks for creating a summary!!

  2. Topps has really saturated the “market” with variations over the past few years. Even worse, they reuse the same photo that they used for a variation as the photo for a base card or low end insert.

    That being said, I do like some variations and prefer to Collect them only in Heritage and High Tek (although I haven’t fully committed to Tek yet). If you consider colored refractors variations, I prefer those too, but only for Topps Chrome.

  3. That was good read , thank you . I had fun with them back in the day when it was simple ( Topps Gold set or Upper Deck Electric Diamond ) and the last one I did was 2004 Cracker Jack Blue Mini set . As a Jeter collector , completing the rainbow sans 1 of 1's became just short of an addiction . I stopped trying with some of the newer cards because of the quantity and scarcity ( 2015 Finest Jeter Tribute Die-cuts was one of them ) . I always look for the variations ( errors ) that weren't meant to be , particularly the harder ones to find from the 1992 to 1996 run .
    1996 Select Certified Select Few insert with no name on front
    1995 SP Championship regular and die-cut in Gold foil
    1994 collectors Choice Silver Signature White letter
    1996 Fleer card #184 with Flat Matte Silver finish ( not Tiffany )
    1993 Topps Blank Back
    1994 Ted Williams Dan Gardiner Collection missing serial number from the back
    Latest entry into the checklist - 1996 SPX Silver front with Gold Back ( I need to find one of these ! )
    It is still fun to look for some of these hiding in a lot on Ebay or in a dollar box at one of the local card shows . Suzy , my hand written checklist is now up to 323 Jeter cards with errors and variations from 1992 to 1996 .