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February 14, 2014

Around the blogosphere: Derek Jeter edition

Derek Jeter's upcoming retirement captured every baseball fan's attention this week, and around the cardboard blogosphere, a number of posts were written about the New York Yankees captain.

Here's a look at some of the posts:

Card Buzz
Derek Jeter to be put out to pasture after 2014

Among the other things I'll miss about Jeter are the little clips that might capture his personality, his mannerisms perhaps - the fist pump, and maybe a 'loose, confident smirk' here and there.

The Lost Collector
My Jeter Relics

I have a lot of Derek Jeter cards. I haven't taken an official tally, but I'd say I have around 500 different ones, which isn't too bad since he's not a guy I actively collect. That doesn't mean I don't love any and all Jeters I'm sent - I do! I just have never declared myself a Jeter collector. His cards are a bit too pricey to go all in, and I figured I'm better off focusing on smaller named guys and prospects.
My Jeter Painting

I don't want to ruin the painting, so check out the link to see the painting

Sports Card Collectors
Derek Jeter's final season (small card gallery) 

I am still in shock that this will be the final season I will get to watch one of my favorites don the number 2 in pinstripes. I will say it outright, he will be missed for sure. He was a great example on and off the field and someone many of the new short stops in the league look up to as an example. He will certainly be a first ballot Hall Of Famer when eligible. That's a no brainier.

Sports Collectors Daily
Derek Jeter cards are current generation's Mantle

Jeter holds a special place for many card collectors and they haven’t been shy about investing in his cards. His situation has been one of the last “perfect storms” for collectors. Since his first mainstream cards showed up in 1993, just before the expanson of brands, there remain relative few quality Jeter rookie cards on the market and most all are attainable. There is no ultra high-end Jeter rookie autograph patch card.

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