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December 2, 2011

Hobby Box Break and Review: 2011 Topps Tier One

When 2011 Topps Tier One was first introduced into the product line I thought it sounded exciting. It appeared to mirror some of the designs of products that are no longer being produced by other companies but were popular amongst collectors. Then when the product finally hit the streets it seemed to anger and disappoint many collectors. I must admit that made me all the more curious to see the cards in person and see what a hobby box had to offer.

While a product like this is hard to give a good review based on one box (there is only one pack), I will give it my best attempt (i.e. hiding my disappointment). The product offers one pack per box with 7 cards per pack, including 2 autographs and one game used card guaranteed. This is a hobby only product with a retail price around $100 per box at the release date and now they are currently about $75, which seems more reasonable based on this box.

The base cards are numbered /799, while the inserts range from being numbered /199 - /25, and the autographs and game used cards vary in the same fashion. The cards that I pulled are below. Am I excited about the base cards? Not at all.

The base cards are boring to me, with the exception that Topps actually went ahead and embossed the lettering on the cards which makes it a little nicer for the price point of the product but... the cards are printed on what basically feels like the decoy cards from the packs that we all used to pad better cards with in the mail.

The design appears to have been created to be simple and attractive. One out of two ain't bad.

The parallels look nicer than the base cards. Notice how the halo highlights how off-center the card really is...

I like the game used card, but I wish they would have laid off the gold a little bit around the Mets logo. Just a trim of it around the home plate outline would have been nice, but this is overkill on gaudy gold.

Rookie autograph- Brandon Guyer

Serial numbered? Check. Slightly raised lettering? Check. On card auto? Check. Design? No check. This doesn't feel like it fits in the scheme of things with the cards that I have looked up on eBay. This design just fails me in every way.

Pablo Sandoval on card autograph, picture appears to have been taken from a game in Heaven.

While this box was to serve the purpose of a review for the collectors and readers out there, it still grinds my gears that this product ended up turning out this way. The card stock is terrible, the design is so-so, but the bright side is that it seems to be moving in the right direction as far as working on making higher end sets that are more like the products we all loved from that company whose name rhymes with tupper neck.

I am going to skip the typical report card type of review here because I don't think it's fair to base it on one box when there is only one pack. If you want my honest opinion, if you haven't seen these cards in person and are a player collector who enjoys breaking wax- buy singles and wait for 2012 products. I don't see this product being up there with Triple Threads, Sterling, or the likes of those cards.

If you want a lower high end product to break for Christmas, this may be fun only because you get 3 hits for $75 and may be able to score one cheaper on a best offer on eBay.

Before you think I am totally throwing this product under a bus, there are plenty of nice cards you could pull on eBay. You need to check out these out, they are amazing I promise.

Hank Aaron jumbo Prodigious patch

Triple autograph with Aaron, Heyward, and McCann

Willie McCovey jumbo Prodigious patch

Sandy Koufax gold auto /25


  1. Is that Pablo Sandoval for trade? It would fit nicely in my Giants collection.

    Thanks! Adam

  2. 1 pack products are so hard to judge. It doesn't really seem fair but the manufacturers bring it on themselves with products like this.

    Would anyone have been happy with spending $75 on this box? I hope not.

    "Hit or Miss" releases are only really accessable to the everyday collector through things like Group Breaks.

    Glad to see you back posting though.

    Word Verification = monquady (sounds cool)

  3. how could anyone be disappointed in a pack that had Chipper Jones in it?????????

    yeah.... okay... I see your point. Not exactly a lot of value in that one.

  4. Glad to see you're still posting. I'm not a betting man so $75 is too rich for my blood considering what you pulled. To Tunguska-- "monquady" reminds me of "Mike Quade" which was much cooler a year ago.

  5. That triple Braves auto looks like dayf's perfect card

  6. I've seen and read lot of box breaks on Tier One and all I have to say is no thank you. I think my money would be better spent taking the 75 bucks I'd have plunked down for a pack and just buy singles of the cards I want on the Ebay. Just sayin'. Although if I'd have hit a Koufax or Aaron auto well.. that would be a different story I guess.

  7. Echoing the Captain: you got a Schmidt card? I guess I'll be looking for that on eBay.

  8. Don't think I'd ever bust this product... but I'd definitely buy that Pablo on-card autograph. Nice hit.

  9. I've never really been one to buy a box with one pack in it. I did one box of triple threads last year, and that about as close as I got. Too high end of stuff for my taste :) Instead, I think I'll continue to wallow around in the low end things.