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September 6, 2008

Coming soon....

Card Bandits, Live!

We decided to attempt to branch out into the real world and out of cyber space for a little adventure in South Jersey. We had a bit of a "grand opening", if you will, for what could be the next stage of our business/hobby adventure. Sadly, we picked the night that the beginning of Tropical Storm Hannah to start this and there were not alot of people out with the anticipation of flooding. Silly Card Bandits braved the storm and were at the location (to be named later).

We didn't do too bad under the circumstances, especially considering there were maybe like 300 people out of what potentially could some days be well over 1,000. It wasn't the most profitable venture, but we will be at it again tonight. If you are in the South Jersey area and want to meet us and pick up some cards, drop us an e-mail. We don't charge for autographs or photos with us. Just kidding.

This venture may be more permanent in the coming baseball season, depending on how we go from here. We will keep you all informed.

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